The natural docks are suitable for any smartphones, and it can be made as well for any kinds of pads (mobil devices). We make these docks from recycling and left-over-materials only. Our speciality these days is making them of oak-wood dating from 1752, which we got from an old barn in our home. There are so many nice pieces in the left-overs that we cut by re-using the wooden bars in other places… we did not want to burn even the little pieces.

The NATURAL DOCKs we make, are all handcrafted in Germany, and from 100% natural materials.

It will make your digital device become more integrated in the cozy environment of your home. It will make a piece of art at your office-desk … With the dock you put your smartphone stand-up, to watch movies, to communicate via facetime or to make phonecalls, keeping your hands free.

Christmas-production of all kinds – oil-finished

For christmas-presents (for our friends and some orders) we have produced a bunch of natural-docks with different materials. We used some old-oak, some old pieces of natural wood and some pieces of an old table lying around in our wood-garbage. Here we made them all oil-finished, what brings a wonderful surface. The cut-out for putting the device and the standing-possibilities we designed usable for any smartphone or pad. Equal for newer models of I-Phone (from model 6) oder Samsung-Galaxy, HTC, or others as well as thinkpad, I-pad and others.

explanation video about

The founder explains what is a natural-dock what you can use them for, which kinds of them are availiable, and that you can do it yourself as well (how-to will be in another video soon)

making of

We will show you, how to make your own natural dock. Some photos and later-on videos, coming together with explanations will be published regularly.