natural wood (branches) for smartphones/flat-version (half-cut-branch)

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We use pieces of wood, like branches that has been cut from trees. The wood is stored for at least three years to dry out properly before using it. Those really natural shapes are bringing the woods into your room. These docks are suitable für any smartphones. You can chose between standing-version (cylinder-style, round), or flat-version (half-cut branch).



NATURAL DOCKs are unikate-pieces. No one is like the other. Therfore you will recieve something individual, which will look different than the picture shown here.
Sizes variate as well, therefore: if you wish a specific size, please specify minimum 5cm shorter side). Height is depending of the type of dock, as in some woods because of stability of the dock we need ab bigger height. Pocket-versions come with about 3cm height)
If you wish to recieve a photo of your personal dock, you can have this sent by e-mail before for an upgrade of 7,- Euros charge.

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natural, oiled with linen-oil

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by E-Mail, no, thanks


polished, raw